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Była również dziewczyną, która podobała się Tylerowi i młodszemu bratu Eleny - Jeremy'emu. Damon Salvatore przemienił ją w wampira, a jego brat, Stefan ją zabił. Vicki powraca w drugim oraz trzecim sezonie jako duch. 2021-3-20 · The former romantic relationship between the Supernatural Hunter, Jeremy Gilbert and the deceased vampire, Vicki Donovan. This relationship has been strained and complicated, until Vicki's death.

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— Vicki to Matt). See more ideas about kayla ewell, donovan, tvd. Kayla Ewell plays Vicki Donovan on "The Vampire Dairies". Watch this Jeremy and Vicki video, you're so naive | jeremy&vicki (TVD) , on Fanpop and browse other Jeremy and Vicki videos. Tyler - Vicky - Jeremy : Love the way you lie.

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Esta personagem é um membro da Família Donovan. 1 História 2 Primeira Temporada 3 Poderes e Habilidades 4 … 2021-3-21 · The romantic relationship between the werewolf, Tyler Lockwood and the vampire, Vicki Donovan was mainly a physical rather than an emotional one. Tyler did not treat her well and they broke up after Vicki chose Jeremy over him. Although they never truly cared for each other, Tyler grew to care about her after her death and said that he regretted hurting her to Vicki's mother, Kelly Donovan 2020-5-21 · Throwback to when Ian Somerhalder revealed his favourite scene from The Vampire Diaries was when Damon and Vicki danced around half naked. Read on to know more. Written By Pinkvilla Desk 3094734 2019-8-9 · "The Vampire Diaries" was a high school drama that ran from 2009-2017.